Terms & Conditions

Sales Terms, Refund Policy & Sales Tax

Meticulous review every detail of the digital Art/Design work before summiting it to complete your order; all products are custom made so they have no reusable or resale value which makes them all final sales. Proof is approved with a response of “OK to Print”, once an online proof is approved through the placement of an order, PrintSub.com is not responsible for any copy or design errors such as misspellings, date errors, color variations or margin misplaces. After an order has been sent to PrintSub.com, the customer is responsible for paying the entire amount of that order and each job within it, together with applicable taxes and shipping/handling fees. Subsequently, when a job has been approved by the customer, no changes can be made to the artwork files and job characteristics.

Pricing and products

Prices are based on customer supplied product information, such as diameter, finishing, materials and electronic artwork. PrintSub.com reserves the right to adjust prices for any product or services at any time, we also reserve the right to discontinue any products or services at any time.

Shipping, Delays and Damages

PrintSub.com assumes no responsibility for delays or damages caused by delivery carriers or any repercussion resulting from the failure to receive a job on time. PrintSub.com ships all packages through United States Postal Service. PrintSub.com does not collect any brokerage fee upfront. Any fees in collecting your package through local carrier must be paid by receiver.

Custom Order Quote Accuracy

Quotations/Proposals are based on the accuracy of the specifications presented by the customer, If the said specifications have change or do not conform to information  on the original quoted/proposal then price will be re-quoted according with the changes on the quoted/proposed job. Orders place with PrintSub.com are to the client’s knowledge correct, and there are no conditions or agreements relating to the order which is not written or accompanying said order.

Products Warranty

We offer a large number of products and materials, all which feature different kind’s aspects and details, so the duration and quality of image will vary according with the characteristics of the Material/product, the customer must keep this in mind when submitting an order, and read the “Product information” section to be aware of its qualities before agreeing to process with the approval of the order.

Customer Files

1. Archiving, Backup & Saving of Artwork & Files -

PrintSub.com doesn’t hold any responsibility for any mistakes and errors on customers supplied artwork or files, it’s the customer’s responsibility to save, archive or backup a copy of the original Artwork or files and PrintSub.com does not assumes no responsibility for any mistakes & files supplied by the customer.

2. File Changes -

Once a job has been approve and sent to print/production, the process is finale and changes cannot be made. After the job is completed any claims made will not be held against PrintSub.com

Rights to Refuse a Job

PrintSub.com reserves its right to refuse to produce, print, give service or design any order we find inappropriate, disrespectful or offensive.

Rights to Revise or Change this Agreement

PrintSub.com reserves the right to modify, change, update, add, remove, revise this Agreement and all it entitles (Terms, Conditions and Polices), at any time. All revisions and changes will be effective immediately.